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There are plenty of companies that can fix computers. 

We fix computers as well…  But that is where the similarities end. 

We look at your business not as computers to fix but a partner to work with and help grow using technology.  We analyze your business functions and help you get more done, more efficiently.  We utilize the data collected from your issues to identify key equipment that slows down your business again and again, COSTING YOU MONEY!!  We provide thorough reporting on all of your equipment; to give insight into your IT department.

All the Time IT services all your technology needs.

Computers, laptops, servers, networks, WiFi, firewalls, and many other IT services.

We also provide Managed IT Services.  We can be “your” IT department.

Our technicians are available to assist with any issue large or small.

Your business is not “too small” or “simple” “not enough machines” “No Servers” or any other descriptor that can be used for a small business.  All companies have computers and with computers comes maintenance and problems that need to be addressed.


Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to call?

Someone to make sure the computers are working?

Tired of spending hours trying to fix a computer?

How well does your WiFi work?

Talk to us about NO WORRY WIFI, go all around the office without losing connection.

You can get No Worry WiFi without buying any equipment!!

Let the pros at All the Time IT handle that for you.

We can handle all your IT challenges…  We do it ALL THE TIME!!


Service Offerings:

  • Wireless Network upgrades
  • Wired Network upgrades
  • Server Maintenance
  • Workstation repair
  • Network Storage setup
  • Integrate new technology
  • New Server installations
  • Internet connection setup
  • Increase Productivity
  • Server Virtualization
  • Firewall Replacement
  • Security Audits
  • Virus/Malware removal
  • Workstation Builds
  • Technology Consultations
  • Corporate Anti-Virus
  • Replace your in-house IT
  • Move into the Cloud
  • Tablet and Smart Phone setup
  • Migrations and Upgrades

Latest News

  • Protect your business from data loss… severe weather… Virtualization, offsite backups, Recovery, Piece of mind.

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  • Internet security, Firewalls, viruses, malware, hackers… How do you protect your Business from the INTERNET? We all know about the benefits to the Internet and we have also heard or experienced the effects of a virus or other issue with your computers. This causes damage to computers and lost hours for you and your business. We provide this protection as a service. This takes all of the management, setup, and upfront hardware and support/warranty costs away from your business. We provide you with the protection to secure your business and never have to buy equipment again!
  • Bring Your Own Device and the risks!! Does your company allow cell phones to access email and files? Are you protected? Are they?

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  • Can you access your business data and software from your smartphone? tablet? outside the office? We will help you transition to a whole new world of access and productivity to your company!