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Windows XP

Windows XP Support is ending on April 8th 2014.

Microsoft will no longer provide patches or support for Windows XP.  It is hard to believe that Windows XP is 12 Years old.   Microsoft extended XP’s life in part due to the short lived Vista Operating System.  A recent study by Gander showed 30% of computers are still running Windows XP. Hackers will be waiting for new patches to be released because these will signal vulnerabilities that can be exploited.  Windows XP has served us all very well but we must ensure the security of our businesses.

All the Time IT will provide you with a pain free upgrade.  We will minimize disruption and downtime to your business.  Windows XP will continue to run after April 8th.  Let us help you devise a plan to upgrade your systems today.  We are experts at upgrading Windows XP.  We take the headache out of technology.

You might have Windows XP running in the warehouse or on the spare desk in your office.  This is a security risk to your entire network.  If they can control the Windows XP machine, they can access the rest of your network and data.  We can ensure your business is protected.  We can review your business and advise you on how to protect your data.

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